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We're raising funds for Imogen's next magical adventure!

Imogen's next story will explore how Imogen and her Magical Cane help a sheep who is scared of getting his coat wet in the rain.  

Publishing and illustrating Imogen's next book is going to cost us £5000 and we simply don't have this money!   

How your money will make a difference

Your money will help us to pay for our illustrator to create clear and accessible illustrations to accompany Imogen's story; to print Imogen's book and to promote her story. 

We know that there is an absence of images of people with disabilities in literature or that if they are present, they are predominantly negative (Captain Hook, for example). Imogen's books are not that: they feature images of disability, just like you might find images of ducks and chickens in a children's storybook. 

We know from feedback that this has a really positive effect on disabled children, letting them see that it's ok to be white stick user - actually it's quite fun.Because the feedback has been so good, we'd like to contribute more positive imagery of disabled people to culture through Imogen's next story. 

Imogen's story and the format of the books we publish are not just for blind people. They are invaluable to the learning-disabled community, which includes people with sight loss who actually may not identify as blind. We have also received glowing feedback from readers of our books among the low-end autistic spectrum community as well as people with dyslexia and Down's Syndrome.

How you can help

Please follow this link to make a donation, no matter how small and help us reach our target of £5000 to fund Imogen's next adventure and to change our society's perceptions of people with disabilities.

Thank you!