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About Access2Books

We exist to address the lack of access to popular children's books. 

Who we are

Access2Books is a charity whose mission it is to ensure that everyone has access to books. That means that regardless of reading ability or visual capacity, everyone can have and hold a picture book in their hands. Whether you're a child learning to read and to love books or a parent or grandparent wanting to share your love of books and the joys of reading with a child, access matters. 

What we do

We take the most popular children’s books in the UK and turn them into accessible books for people who have print disabilities : that may come in the form of being visually impaired, blind or even dyslexic. 

Our books come in a dual format, that is, in giant print [75 point] with Braille. Our books are illustrated with specially adapted pictures accompanied by picture descriptions.

All our books are handmade.

Our design enables adults and children to read together, helping to form the educational and social relationships that are vital to children's early years' learning of language, their growth in confidence and their social interaction skills.

Who we work with

We work with local libraries, SEN teachers and schools as well as mainstream schools, booksellers, individuals and families. 

Our books are for everyone. 

The most likely users of this format are adults or children with macular conditions, maybe cataracts and other sight conditions that affect the macular and therefore reading. Another group is people with learning disabilities who require giant print and illustrations to support their reading. The design will also assist people with conditions that affect co-ordination and dexterity.

Where to find our books:

Our books may be available in your local library. You can check out your local library here.

How our books are made:

To produce the final product, we first transcribe the original text into 75pt print and font. We print the text and illustrations onto A3 format 160gsm paper. Then we pass the paper through the braille embosser that provides both the text and illustration descriptions for the braille reader. Finally, the book is cut to size, bound and covered for durability and ease of use.

ACCESS2BOOKS Charity Registration no. 1166231