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Imogen and her Magical Cane

Last year we launched the It’s Your Story Competition and one of our winners was Imogen James.

Since we published her wonderful book, Imogen and her Magical Cane, it has been flying off our shelves.

Eileen read the story to her grandchildren and they didn’t want her to stop. 

Three-year-old Maisy even made Snowball, the magical cane by sticking two kitchen towel tubes together, covering them in white card and taping cotton wool to the bottom, just like in the pictures in the story book.

It’s no wonder this imaginative story stimulates children with its air of magic. 

Imogen, as a blind child and author, is without doubt a great role model for all children. She writes about life from her perspective, giving children a unique insight into her world. Her school have stocked it; her brother’s school have stocked it; and Somerset Libraries have distributed it throughout the county. 

You can order your copy of this heart-warming story here.