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Access2Books in Macular Disease Society magazine

(May 05, 2013)

The follwing article was featured in the Macular Disease Society's Spring 2013 magazine...

Access2books – giant print books

Eileen Finch is a grandmother with Stargardt’s. When reading large print books to her grandchildren she found they would lose interest due to the lack of illustrations so she embarked on publishing her own high quality books with illustrations accessible to the visually impaired.

Her journey led her to set up Access2books, publishing 30 children’s books in giant print 75pt, Braille and with illustrations. She also ‘won’ a place at the London School for social entrepreneurs on a Lloyds sponsored programme. You can ask your local library to stock the books and they can be purchased from the Access2books website www.access2books.org or call Eileen on 07976 666 958.

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