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Here are some examples of the feedback we have received from users of our books:

"The benefit of this book is amazing." 

- Holly's mum.

"I got to share the story with my brother and we both really liked it."

- Billie

"My daughter loved the giant print book. Normally she uses a magnifier, but this means her reading does not flow as she can only see a few words at a time." 

- Holly's mum 

"The large print makes reading time more fun for Billie as he doesn't have to struggle with smaller print, making it less stressful." 

- Billie's mum 

"The reduction of stress and anxiety really does help Billie with his reading, allowing him to enjoy the story as he works through the book." 

- Billie's mum

"I was able to enjoy a book for the first time in many years."

- a woman aged 56 

"Maisie shared the book with the whole family. She read it to all of us." 

- Maisie's mum

"It was all we could talk about." 

- Maisie's mum.

"These books have helped me with my confidence and relationships. I can now read with my granddaughter without feeling like she can see that I struggle to read." 

- a grandmother with a visual impairment.

"These books are clear and well presented. Their use extends far beyond the Braille aspect, and they have been used in a variety of settings, including with children on the autistic spectrum." 

- Feedback from the Merthyr and Rhondda Project. 

"The pupils and parents loved the books. The size of the pictures and the text was perfect for our pupils. The Braille was amazing for one of our pupils who is now reading Braille. If we could purchase more of these books, then we would." 

- Feedback from the Merthyr and Rhonnda Project.

"The book helped me with my learning, it made being sociable easier and it improved my confidence. I shared the book with my friends and I read it to my brother." 

- a 16 year old boy with Down's Syndrome.

"I want this project to look like it's interesting to everybody. It's not just interested in people disabilities. This is about book sharing. I am interested in everybody. I want everybody to relate to these stories." 

- Eileen Finch, the director of Access2Books. 

"The disability is not the problem. The access is the problem."

- Access2Books